Tokyo Gate

Gates are…well noone really knows what gates are. (even i havent completely descided what they do yet) what people do know is that they strengthen magic. Children born within a certain radius of gates have a chance of being born with magic in their blood. Since magic school is incredibly expensive and the church tends to be very stingy with whome it conscripts to be clerics this tends to be the way that anyone who isnt super wealthy can gain the coveted status of mage. this has caused many major cities to form around gates.

Because of the power that magic has in society the area surrounding gates in civilized nations is usually siezed or bought by the countries government and then used for government leaders to build their houses on, important military “birthers” (families that have large amounts of children to be trained and used for military purposes), research facilities and finally sold off to rich nobles too cheap to put their children through mages college.

Gates arnt always big archways in the centre of cities their usually just very old and very powerful ruins. sometimes they come in the form of a strange circle of rocks on a hill (stonehenge) sometimes their an ancient church (Vatican City) the only thing clear about gates is that theyre all created by the same civalization of incredibly powerful beings. For character knowledge just assume that anyplace that would be considered a major metropolis (New York City, shanghai, Moscow, etc.) has at least 1 gate located in it. except Berlin. that place is a dump.

For quite some time scientists and mages alike attempted to study the gates and harness their power. Each country trying desperately to harness their power before any other country could. the leader of this magical arms race was Germany. the scientists at the Berlin gate were makeing huge breakthroughs each and every day. that is until they tried to reactivate it. something went wrong during reactivation and the resulting magical outburst severed and seperated the entire continent that was once Europe. Berlin was decimated. most of its residents dead. those that remained were transformed into horrible monsters. all the other gates appeared to be affected as well. on occasion the children born near the gates suffered strange and sometimes horrible mutations for no explained reason. Also the number of Oracles and Sorcerers being born began to slowly decrease.

Many explorers have attempted to go back to the berlin gate to see what had been left of it. but none have returned. No form of magical sight can pierce the strange veil that cloaks it. even the council of seeress’ cannot see whats hidden in the depths of what used to be Germany.


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