The Berlin Incident

The Berlin Incident

In the late 1700’s the race to harness the true power of the gates had begun. While many countries boasted historic achievements during that time none could hold a candle to the feats preformed at the Berlin gate in Germany. On Feburary 2, 1783 a group of the victo-Kahn empires foremost scientists successfully pulled A creature through the Berlin gate.

Mi go concept 04 by nathan rosario

The creature was more grotesque than anyone could possibly imagine and more than one scientist committed horrific suicide in a fit of insanity brought on by the site of this creature. Thus the creature was called Mi-Go the Elvish (Himalayan IRL) word for “The Abominable Ones”.

To the Germans it was clear that these Mi-Go could be quite a threat if they were capable of activating the gate from the other end. So work on an attempt to activate the gate and send a peace team through began immediately.

In just 3 short years the German scientists figured out a way that they believed they could open the gate safely just to look through and get a feel for whatever lie on the other side.

It was a momentus event with diplomats and military leaders from all around the Victo-Kahn empire there to see including the Warleader himself Shao Russo. But when it came time to activate the gate something went terribly wrong. The gate grew unstable and exploded completely decimating all of berlin and those inside its walls.

It did not end there though. The magical backlash from the gates collapse was enormous. all of Europe shook under its power, the oceans rose up and swallowed entire countries, fire rained from the sky. Other gates in other cities began collapsing taking large chunks of the countries with them. The sky went black for a whole week.

Then after 1 month of complete and utter chaos it all ended just as suddenly as it started. The world itself was forever changed, some countries were pushed out to sea while others had vanished entirely. Children born near gates occasionally showed strange and soemtimes grotesque mutations.

Many attempts have been made to reenter the city but none who’ve entered have made it back. Eventually Berlin was given up for lost.
Berlin After the disaster

The Berlin Incident

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