Technically the Victorian empire no longer exists. After the fall of the last queen Victoria and the collapse of the original empire the surviving mainland was redubbed Elizabethia. Unfortunately old habits die hard and to this day the land is referred to as Victoria by most (usually as an insult or a scare tactic)

Real World Comparison

Victoria is comprised of the area/countries that are part of europe. while certain countries will still be refered to as regions (ex. french region of victoria) they are still all part of the same nation.

quick lite history

The Great Britan always been a country based around the idea of expansion. weather its through conquest or alliance the British empire has always been growing. Eventually with so much focus on expansion the British were bound to butt heads with the Kahn empire. (China) This had always been a source of major concern for both countries so when (at the time) princess Victoria I agreed to wed Warlord Shao (leader of the kahn empire) there was much rejoicing. Many even began to refer to the country as Victoria in honor of their beloved soon to be queen. Little did they know that this would lead to one of the most horrific massacres in world history.

After the fall of the Victo-Kahn empire a new leader rose to power and re-united much of the rebelling nations. Her name was Elizabeth. Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I the Victorian empire Ceased to expand outward. Instead it healed from the wounds caused by the berlin incident. Quelling constant rebellions and attempting to unify the people of her nation appeared to be Elizabeths main priority.

Under Queen ELizabeth I’s rule Victoria (now officially named Elizabethia though called that by very few) grew strong once more. But as they say all good things must come to an end, And hers came on the wings of a Great White dragon. One day on the 100 year anniversary of her mysterious appearance Elizabeth I was carried off by a Dragon the would come to be known as Dentanus Frostwing and in her place left a young woman whome claimed to be the new queen. Normally this would have caused all kinds of chaos but when Elizabeth I’s two sons approached this strange woman and bowed to her proclaiming her to be Elizabeth II queen of Elizabethia it became immediately clear that this was now the way things worked. And so it has ever since, after 100 years Elizabeth II was carried off and replaced with Elizabeth III and so on.


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