K so the player thing is sorted out…

so i got the player thing sorted out so we can pick a start day as soon as we get a day of evans campaigns and a day of saturdays campaign to sort out a date. also im looking for people to play in a very short adventure to get a hold on the mythic rules. so anybody looking to play a demigods for a campaign session or two contact me when you next see me.

After that, take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

A quick FAQ

Q: Does this campaign have anything to do with the origional Friday Campaign?
A: Yes and No while you wont primarily be playing as your old characters and this world is a different world than the origional you will find out what happened to your origional characters though i havent decided if your going to be able to play them yet.

Q: What day is the campaign set for as i have another campaign friday/monday/tuseday/sunday/saturday?
A: there is no set day for this campaign we meet whenever the group descides it wants to meet wether that be 2 days since the last session or 2 months. Also this campaign takes precidence over all MY other campaigns so if the next chance we have to meet is on a Saturday night at grimfoes then my other campaign will be canceled.

Q: “insert person here” wants to play are there any open spots?
A: Im starting a group from scratch and picking whatever players will work best together. so if a layer wants to play and i believe that that specific player will fit the group better than someone else then im going to drop that other person for the new player. NO ONE IS GUARENTEED A SPOT. Dependable transportation is deffinately a +. the only thing I ask is that if they decide to play and dont likeit they at least sit it out till the end of the ark. (usually between 2 and 4 sessions if its longer ill let them drop when they want.)

Q: whats the feel of this campaign going to be as the last one was pretty shenanigans and made up as you went along?
A: well Im really working twards this one being much more constructed and a lot more free. after the inital first mission there will be no major NPCs telling you what you have to do or where you have to go. there will be a place that you know you can go to pick up quests and shit but other than that the world is yours for the taking. Also youill have huge sums of downtime between arks so expect things like professions and hobbys to play a bigger role now that theres a book for it.

Q: I heard you mention somthing about generations?
A: ya the campaign will take place over hundreds of years and what will happen is the descisions you make and the stuff you do will have a dramatic effect over whats going on in the generation after yours. for example if the group helps the seelie or unseelie court establish a home on the material plane and aids an inventor in creating a race of sentient clockwork people then during the next generation new fey races as well as clockwork constructs and clockwork bodypart replacements will be playable. shit like that.

on a side not special thanks to Nathan Rosario for his amazing artwork which shows up all over this campaign.

Earth II Homebrew

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