Character Creation

OK first the TLDR version…
  • 15 point buy
  • your on an alternate earth. heavy colonization of the Columbian (America) colonies is well underway.
  • Magic = the shit. you have it your awesome. you dont your not. There are two ways to get magic. 1. be fortunate enough to be born near a gate and be a spontainious spell caster, or 2. be really wealthy and go to expensive schools for it. (because these are th eonly two ways to get magic in this setting druids are treated as spontainious as far as origins are concerned and rangers/paladins are taught by their respective orders)
  • Humans and Elves at one point in the not too distant past banded together to attempt to wipe out all non humans or elves being incredibly successful for quite some time. because of this humans and elves outnumber all other races combined 3 to 1 and a few races are completely extinct and therefore unplayable.
  • you are between the ages of 14 and 16 (or your races equivalent) and are treated as/ considered a child and live in a small trading village on the outskirts of Victoria (Britan) named Kassen.
so now some hard rules.

with the way races have been distributed (and in many cases destroyed) in this campaign setting as well as the way magic is obtained there are some rules changes to the way certian spells work as well as what races and classes are available.

please remember that your characters backstory is importants and it HAS to end with your character being a child in their mid teens and living in the small lumber town of Kassen preparing for their coming of age ceramony.

also there have been some changes to spells but its nothing very major just tweaking to balance out certian spells and making others make sense. for example animate dead now will bond an undead soul to a body instead of just making a moving corpse and cure light wounds wont automatically fix major and traumatic injuries but it will still restore the hit points.

Character Creation

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