Hero Points

Hero Points

Hero points are basically a point system that im going to use to reward you the players for pretty much whatever I decide you get rewarded for. They are pretty much the same as any other similar point system. i give them to you. you forget you have them. then they pop back up at some ridiculously inopportune time. you have a maximum number of hero points of 5.

there are quite a few ways to get Hero Points and there will be more as soon as i can think of what they are…

  • Join the campaign on the obsidian portal (which is pretty much a freebie)
  • Answer a rules question or correct me on a misquoted rule.
  • Great RP – participating in anything i would consider awesome

you can also lose Hero Points if you have no hero point i start rolling d6 con drain.

  • Acting selfishly – DnD is a group game if your character does not work well with another players character and you dont try to work it out. (you will get a warning)
  • completely not paying attention – if i call on you for some reason and you dont answer I get to control your character and i WILL do whatever i feel is the most unhelpful thing i can manage with them if its a continued offence then i start deducting hero points.
  • being a speed bump – in game you have 6 seconds to react out of game you have 10 (newer players get longer). i wont count time spent answering questions or anything like that but you should wait for your turn to then start looking at your spell list.
  • Asking if hero points are like Action Points/DM points/ Campaign points ect or asking if you can get them X-way if ive already stated that you cant.

what Hero Points and be used for

  • Take a 10 – using a hero point will allow you to take a 10 when you otherwise would not ba able to
  • roll again – you can use a hero point to reroll a roll BEFORE you know the result or force me to reroll before you know the result.
  • Heal – you can use a hero point to cast any healing spell castable by an oracle of your level on yourself as a swift action.
  • Confirm Crit – you can use one to automatically confirm a critical hit
  • Skill check – you may use a hero point to make any 1 skill check as if the skill is a class skill with at least 1 point in it (+4 and can make check you would otherwise be unable to make)

Hero Points

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