It all began with Yggdrasil1

“In the Beginning there was a great and mighty tree that shined bright in the pitch black nothingness of space. Upon its branches the tree bore three fruit. One a succulent peach, One a ripened plum, and the last a spiny kiwano. The peach grew into a beautiful woman with hair the color of leaves in the fall and skin fair as the mists themselves. From the plum formed a great man with wings dark as the void and eyes red as flames. Finally the kiwano grew into a woman without color or face she writhed in the blinding light of the great tree.” -Yg Gen.

  • The woman from the peach came to be known as Ikari mother of all things. She alone created the earth and all that lives upon it.
  • The man was Ix Creator of the realms and keeper of deaths gate.
  • Finally the woman from the dragonfruit will eventually be known as Lilith mother of all that is evil.
Together Ix and Ikari bore 3 daughters.
  • Rutia – A fierce and wise warrior who would one day be revered by those who battle in the name of rightousness.
  • Alystria – Godess of the moon honored by those who seek to spread beauty and love throughout the world
  • Sylenia – A tempermental youth who would come to be revered by all who live upon the sea.

As her daughters grew older Ikari began to worry that they would one day grow lonely without the companionship of a lover. So she set out and created what she viewed as the perfect lover for each of them.

  • For her eldest Rutia she retrieved the fires of a great volcano and created Romo god of any who yearn for war.
  • for her middle daughter Alystria she saught out the essence of magic itself and created Zanovar god of those who cast spells
  • And for her youngest Sylenia she retrieved the heart of a great hurricane and used it to create Siikun the stormking.

Unfortunately Rutia despised her chosen husband and drove him into her sister Alystria’s arms.

  • Together Alystria and Romo had a son, Ipyr, who would be lord of the darkness of night. Unfortunately Romo saw him as nothing more than a distraction and attempted to abandon his son on the mortal plane to die. Thankfully due to the kindness of a human woman [Ipyr]] survived long enough for his mother to come rescue him. Needless to say Alystria and Romo never shared a bed again.
  • Rutia was not without want for motherhood she just did not find herself attracted to men. Eventually she agreed to mother a child with Zanovar whome Alystria was currently neglecting for her newfound lover Romo (see above). Rutia found comfort in Zanovar’s intellegence and wit. And together they had a daughter Akaria. But before Akaria could grow up Alystria found out about her and in a jelous rage stole her powers from her and sent her to earth to live with the humans. (eventually she regained her godhood but never all of her powers) She also set out to punish her, now former, lover Zanovar although the exact nature of this punishment is unknown.
  • Lilith was not wihout children of her own. While it is known that she bore 3 sons and a daughter the exact names and nature of these children is only known to the followers of various dark cults.

Other Deities

  • It is said in one of the darker texts about the creation of man that for every great good. there is also a great evil. and in the case of Yggdrasil that evil is Voidmaw. Known only as the destroyer by most mortals it is the creator of all evil dragons. He created them to destroy the creations of Yggdrasil. For years he gods of Arakas, (the realm were the gods live) faught valiently against the draconic onslaught but it was quite clear that without assistance all would be lost. Eentually Ix was able to secretly enlist the aid of the makers and from various metals and ores they created dragons of their own and used them to turn the tide of the battle against Voidmaw’s forces. Eventually the gods defeated and captured Voidmaw and sundered him into 5 pieces and scattered them about the cosmos.
  • the makers are exactly what they sound like. a race of creators capable of creating anything. it is believed that it was they whome created the Gates as well as many of the structures found on other realms.
  • two humans have ascended to godhood using the Trail of the Fallen Star the first of which was Caitlyn Caladan who became goddess of law, community, and Nobility. While the other was Richard Turpin a now legendary thief who fled into the Temple of the Star in an attempt to escape persuit. while inside he got lost and ended up passing the trial thus becoming the god of luck, travel, and trickery.
Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon Favored Material
Rutia LG Glory, Good, Knowledge, Protection, Strength, War Rapier Cold Iron/Mythril
Zanovar LG Charm, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune Quarterstaff Gryphon Mane
the makers NG Artifice, Earth, Fire, Nobility Hammers Adamantine
Ipyr NG Darkness, Rune, Void Short Bow Darkwood
Ikari CG Animal, Good, Healing, Plant Club/Great Club Living Steel
Akaria CG Community, Glory, Liberation, Trickery Short Sword Elysian Bronze
Ix LN Death, Libertaion, Nobility, Repose Scythe Bone/Gold
Caitlyn Caladan LN Artifice, Community, Law, Nobility, Protection Mace Gold
Yggdrasil N Animal, Earth, Healing, Knowledge, Plant, Sun, Weather Staff Greenwood
Sylenia CN Destruction, Liberation, Protection, Water, Weather Trident Eel Hide
Richard Turpin CN Darkness, Liberation, Luck, Travel, Trickery Dagger Darkleaf Cloth
Siikun CN Air, Madness, Magic, Sun, Weather Glaive Viridium
Romo LE Destruction, Chaos, Fire, Madness, Sun, War Warhammer Fire Forged Steel
Lilith LE Charm, Darkness, Death, Evil, Madness, Repose, Trickery, Void Sickle Angel Skin
Alystria NE Charm, Darkness, Luck, Nobility, Trickery Scimitar Moonstone
Voidmaw CE Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Magic, Repose, Scaly, Strength, Void Greataxe Dragon Hide

I realise that this page gives no truely needed information. I promise im working on a table for what domains are covered by whome as well as what their favored weapon and material is. and each diety will get a page of their own for those interest. for the time being if one catches your eye as interesting then feel free to ask me and ill tell you what i can. or if your looking for a certain domain or cleric build just ask and ill point you in the right direction.

1 This version of Yggdrasil is slightly different from the Norse version as this version grows on the surface of the sun.


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