The Clensing

The Great Clensing

Warlord Shao

Queen Victoria I of England had always been quite strange. She inherited the throne after her parents died of unknown circumstances when she was 12 years old. Her rule was plagued with the rash and childish decisions one would expect from a child. It was trying but it was not kingdom threatening. As she grew older though that began to change. A strange blood lust grew in her unparalleled by any of the rulers before her. By the age of 18 she had sent more people to their deaths, nearly none of which where human or elvin, than the previous 3 rulers combined. She was unquestionably cruel but she was also unquestionably smart as well. More often than not she was able to convince her subjects and advisors that her way was the best course of action even when it clearly wasent. But one thing she enjoyed more than pointless bloodshed was bloodshed through conquest. In just six short years she was able to conquer Scotland, Whales, and Ireland greatly expanding her empire.

It was because of this that there was no questions when she decided to marry the Kahn (Chinese) warlord Shao Russu. Russu was much older than her but they shared a lust for the blood of conquest and a hatred for all non humans and non elves.

It started with the fey. Victoria and Russu had been invited to enter the fey capitol of sunholm to attend the yearly fey celebration of the wild hunt. once inside though the couple used a very powerful and dark artifact to summon an army inside the cities borders. Caught with their pants down (both figuratively and literally in many cases) the fay were unable to mount an effective defense. On November 27 1273 Sunholms entire population had been reduced to ash in merely a few hours.

Victoria and Shao proved to be a very effective team. by the decades end they had reduced the fey population by 81% and had forced what was left to hide away in a pocket dimension too dangerouse for the elves and humans to enter. But they diddnt stop there. over the course of the next 10 years the duo managed to exterminate nearly all of the Halflings, Fetchlings, Ifrit, Oread, Ratfolk, Sylph, Tiefling, Gripplis, Kitsune, Nagaji, Samsaran, Suli, Svirfneblin, and wayang in Europe and Asia. As well as expand their nations from ireland all the way to russia and everything inbetween.

While small pockets of resistance still stood and a few countries we able to hold their ground (India and Siberia in particular) it was believed that within the next few years Queen Victoria I and Warlord Shao Russu would have conquered the world had it not been for The Berlin Incident.

Warlord Shao had went to visit Berlin on the day of its greatest triumph so when the gate collapsed he was lost forever like all of the other people present at the time. attempts were made to find him but none who entered returned.

With its King gone and its lands in shambles the once great Victo-Kahn empire began to collapse in upon itself. rebellions were forming faster than they could be quelled and queen Victoria I was growing more and more unstable. On July 9th 1795 Queen Victoria I, now known as the harlequin queen took to the streets of London followed by a massive swarm of undead and began massacring residents in the streets. Her armies quickly mobilized and in the following battle, known now as the battle of black London, Queen Victoria was slain. The once great Victo-Kahn empire had fallen.

The Harlequin queen

Afterwards very slowly and cautiosly non human non elves began to return to the area that had onces comprised the empire.

The Clensing

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